Oh Dorothy was created from a desire to dress our eldest daughter in clothes that were a little bit different, fun and comfortable to wear.

We launched in 2012 under the name DapperBaby but 2019 brought a lot of changes for our business and it feels like now is the right time to reflect that change with a new name. The inspiration behind Oh Dorothy comes in the form of our second daughter, Dorothy! She has such a wonderfully unique (sometimes a bit odd...!) sense of style which often prompts an “Oh Dorothy” from us.

We are a family business although not everyone is related. There’s myself Emma and my husband Ian and our 3 daughters (Matilda, Dorothy and Winifred). We also have incredible members of staff who we consider part of our family. Darran is the photography guy who does all the fancy gifs and imagery for the site and of course my right hand woman Georgina (who the girls actually think is my sister!) who does everything that I do and more!

All of our brands have been handpicked by myself and Georgina and we select every item each season ourselves. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting brands to add to our family each season so get in touch with any recommendations!

If you need any help with measurements or any questions about the products please get in touch with us via email, social media or give us a call.

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Registered Business Name: Turret Two Limited 
Registered Business Address: SF1-SF1, Turret 2, Bridge Mills, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4QA