Why do we now charge postage on some items?

I have always said I hate paying postage so you shouldn’t have to when buying from us. That still remains the case when buying clothing only orders.

However, now we have expanded into other areas such a toys this is where it became as bit more difficult to offer this. As much as we have tried to do this free of charge we just couldn’t find a service to make this possible. Because they will be sent as a parcel this means the price of postage goes up by quite a bit. We get a really good rate for lightweight, small orders but haven’t been able to get one for parcels....yet!

Free returns is still a thing so you can send anything back to us free of charge. Just drop us a message to sort this out.

We have also added a postage charge of £3.00 for USA, Canada, Ireland and Germany for the time being. We do get a good standard mail service rate for these destinations which allows us to send them free of charge but at the moment this is really unreliable and we cannot track this service. So for the time being we are sending everything tracked so we can keep an eye on the parcels. 

This postage issue was quite stressful for me as I really wanted to offer free postage across the whole site and I feel awful having to charge on things! Anything that is lightweight or small enough will be free postage and that includes any toys or accessories. But for now the larger things will have a flat rate of £3 applied.

We review our postage systems regularly and our rates change quite often too. So I am hopeful that one day we will be able to go back to free postage for everything again!

You can read more about the postage rates on our delivery page. If you have any questions please just get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help. It confused me writing the delivery page out so I hope it makes sense!!

Emma x

P.S I’ve literally just had an email about the parcel prices going up again! I’ve jinxed it!!


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