Oh Dorothy!

Over the last year we’ve had loads of changes within our business with myself and Ian becoming the sole owners! DapperBaby has been a part of our lives since Matilda was born in 2012 and whilst the business will continue with its high standards of customer services and amazing brands, we felt the name didn’t really reflect us as a family anymore. So we can proudly introduce to you our new name..... Oh Dorothy!
The inspiration behind the name comes in the form of our second daughter, Dorothy. She has such a wonderful unique sense of style which often prompts an “Oh Dorothy” from us. Mostly it’s a loving one but sometimes it’s a face palm oh Dorothy what are you wearing....!! I found myself saying it to her most mornings and I was really struggling to find a name that I was happy with and this happened in a moment of inspiration!
By complete coincidence the wonderful Sarah Spence who designed our logo added the daisy with no input from me. It couldn’t be more perfect as the daisy is the month of April’s flower and both Matilda and Winnie were born in April. So there’s a little bit of all of them in the name and logo.  
Matilda did ask why it wasn’t called Oh Matilda but I pointed out that “JUST GET DRESSED MATILDA” didn’t have the same kind of ring to it....
You may notice a few other changes like we’ve added a toy and lifestyle section to the website. I’ve always wanted to build the website into a kid’s lifestyle store. Not with a “concept” but just a shop that sells nice things for your kids. I’ve really enjoyed sourcing these toys and the girls have enjoyed helping choose! We will be adding more brands and bits and pieces over the coming months.
So thank you everyone that shopped with us as DapperBaby and I hope you love the new website that we’ve created and our new direction.
Much love
Emma x

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