Now is the time for Winter Waffles from Slugs & Snails at

With the last of the summer sunshine now just a distant memory and a distinctly wintery chill in the air, OH! Dorothy are starting to think about comfy PJs and toasty socks. And the comfiest and toastiest of them all are the Slugs & Snails range of waffle pyjamas. Available in a huge range of colours and sizes from 2 years to grumpy teenager through to adult, the Slugs and Snails Waffles can be mixed and matched to your heart's content. Plus as well as being great for bedtime, they also look great as a general top or leggings for everyday use. Now, it's all very well having nice warm PJs on but if you have cold feet then what's the point? Well, OH! Dorothy have got that sorted too with our range of Slugs & Snails socks. Also available in the huge range of colours as the waffles you can see the full selection here.

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