Here at Oh Dorothy we know from experience that good quality kids clothes can be passed down from sibling to sibling and still be in fantastic condition.
      That's why we're confident that you'll find garments in our pre-loved department with years more wear left in them. 

      We have graded the Pre-Loved items into three brackets to allow you to easily discern the condition.
      These include:

      Excellent Used Condition - No evidence of stains or wear. Minimal to zero wash wear.

      Good Used Condition - Garments may exhibit some minor marks, wear or wash fading but are in otherwise good useable condition.

      Playwear - Sporting some fairly hefty stains or wear these garments are far from cosmetically perfect but still have plenty life left making them perfectly fine as play or messy wear. 

      We use real life images for all our Pre-Loved garments and will do our best to highlight any cosmetic deficiencies. 

      All pre-loved items will be posted second class free of charge.